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Hello beautiful.

Want a relationship that wows you? Need to build a trustworthy love?

Do you have a resolution to grow your self? 💃

Lucky you – that’s just what LoveMinded Living is all about!

LML is about love, TrueLove 🏹 and all that goes along with it.

I’m passionate about your relationship success and helping you get it and keep it. 🥳

Limitless Love, The Way You Like It.
BE A Fabulous ME & WE.

🧘‍♂️ FTW & Nesting

Sometimes we gotta say FTW 🌎 to Fill The Well, let go of the past, prepare your life and create your vision. Re-write your love story.🥳

LML 🛠 Tool Kit

Our custom master tool kit 🧰 will help take your relationship to the next level & beyond.🌚

Limitless Love 💘

I use exclusive tried and true techniques to help you grow 🚀 from single to the rocking chairs on the porch with more fun and of coarse more love.💕

Happily Ever After 💒 …

As long as you both shall love AND like each other one day at a time.⏳

Hey, I'm Coach Constance! 🤗
I help women like you ATTRACT TRUELOVE & KEEP IT while having fun & being fabulous.💃
TrueLove 🥰 SoulMate 🏹
Yin ☯️ Yang
What's your VISION.

Here at LoveMinded Living I’m on the lookout for the best and brightest Alpha lovestars.💫

My system of simple steps, tools and playbooks are just the right roadmap for your journey to get you to your destination!🧭

Say Hey, Hi, Hello.
I'd Love To Hear From You. 🤗
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